Baby Chicks Shortall, Size 6 Months

$18.50 USD


Product Description

This cute little baby boy outfit is made of top quality cotton fabrics. The front yoke is yellow with silhouettes of gold baby chickens and black blades of grass. The body of the shortall is olive drab with overtones of brown and dark brown line circles. The shortall fastens at the front with buttons on the yoke and at the crotch with snaps. The back waist has enclosed elastic, all seams are nicely finished.

Size 6 Months
Fits a baby 13-18 pounds (8-9.5 kg)
24-26.5 inches (61-67 cm)

Baby Chicks Shortall, Size 6 Months Baby Chicks Shortall, Size 6 Months Baby Chicks Shortall, Size 6 Months


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