Item collection fc79984e ebbc 47ea b925 9c8bc5614622

Roosters and Dragonflies, 2 Piece Tie Top Set, Toddler Size 18 Months


Item collection 45ea3d9e 0a52 4870 9347 ca3bbb022c0b

Green Frogs Diaper Cover Size 24 Month


Item collection 8097914b 8f07 4f5d bda7 97da46119aa5

Small White Stars on Bright Red Cotton Sundress Size 3 T


Item collection 262e9681 f4f4 4072 897a 0247c13dac1b

Winter Cardinal Peasant Dress Size 18 Months


Item collection 216d9c78 7dfb 454f ae38 333e87aadf60

Red Nosed Reindeer Toddler Tote


Item collection 0d118b07 6047 41e0 9ef7 a5eb3e1a2419

Red with Cream Stars Cotton Newborn Diaper Cover


Item collection 2609de72 4a9d 4a08 afde f647d6723f30

Newborn Baby Boy Dinosaur Diaper Cover


Item collection d635e15d 23f5 4293 85ed 63df4dce5582

Peasant Dress with Appliqued Cardinal OOAK, Size 6 Months


Item collection f7bf7008 e67e 4450 a1c5 6d9fae362872

Soft,Pale Green Baby Girl Romper with Ruffles Small Newborn


Item collection 9a39ce96 48ab 416d 8add 249bbb4092b6

Toddler Elephant Dress Size 2


Item collection 7115564 original

Dandilion Bouquet Toddler Girl's Romper, 2T


Item collection d2afbff3 5883 4c13 9287 e8e287bc53d9

Yellow Roses with Purple Knot Dress Size 6 Months


Item collection 36ad17ef d5c0 48d7 8d6a aa9d32ee9251

Baby Chicks Shortall, Size 6 Months


Item collection 67a023d9 f681 4efb 83b5 a9b60329057a

Penguin Appliqued Dress Size 12 Months


Item collection 883cb069 b3c8 49ad bd94 fa2d07208ca8

Scarecrow Appliqued Fall A Line Baby Dress, OOAK


Item collection f7f51d24 65cb 4d5b 93fa d9535ef321c8

Corduroy Romper with Appliqued Lamb Size 6 Month


Item collection 7579619 original

Jack O'Lantern Long Romper Size 18 Months


Item collection 3165494 original

Salmon Peasant Dress Size 6 Months


Item collection 6680422 original

Turtles on the Move Sundress Size 12 Months


Item collection 6006064 original

Christmas Tree with Lace Dress Size 3 Toddler


Item collection 185873 original

Scotties 2 pc set, Size 12 Months


Item collection 174041 original

Red Baby Shorts, with Train Cuffs, size 6 months


Item collection 213601 original

Owl Bibbed Toddler Shorts


Item collection 1130249 original

Piggy, Piggy, 2 Piece Set, size 12 months


Item collection 264006 original

Flights on Halloween Nights, Reversible Baby Dress


Item collection 343355 original

Christmas Tree Dress, size 6 months


Item collection 143507 original

Skull & Crossbones Diaper Cover, size newborn


Item collection 143039 original

Toddler Baseball Themed Romper, size 18 months


Item collection 147339 original

Red and White Toddler Sunsuit


Item collection 135876 original

Boating 2 piece infant boys short set


Item collection 457534 original

Santas in Blue, Boy's Diaper Cover, Size Newborn


Item collection 580911 original

Green Xmas Stars Toddler Boxers, size 2


Item collection 603937 original

While the Cat's Away, size 1 Toddler


Item collection 3019607 original

Appliqued Crow A Line Dress Size 12 Months


Item collection 3223209 original

Blue Skirt and White Top Set Size 12 Months


Item collection 2649015 original

Little Bird Romper Size 6 Months


Item collection 988707 original

Watermelon Dreams Peasant Dress, size 4T


Item collection 1169321 original

Bright Armadillo Shorts, Size Newborn


Item collection 1127290 original

March of the Ladybugs Dress, Size 6 Months


Item collection 1403025 original

Scotties on Dots, 2 Piece Set, Size 1 Toddler


Item collection 1398722 original

Elephants in Love Peasant Dress, size 4T


Item collection 3537389 original

Crows and Flowers on Brown Peasant Dress Size 4 Toddler


Item collection 3925711 original

Crow and Pumpkin Peasant Dress, Size 12 Months


Item collection 1520104 original

Christmas Cookies Dress, Size 2 Toddler


Item collection 1638098 original

Witches Border Dress, size 12 Months


Item collection 2064942 original

Boys Romper of Colorful Bugs, 6 Months



Thanks for visiting my shop. You will find baby-toddler sized boy and girl clothing. I do not make many of the same items, as a rule 5 or less, except in the case of a special order. You can count on finding unique, fun items here.

I love designing and making clothing for the wee ones. It is never work for me.

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